sara deniz akant

T H E   _ A H N S

               for ilhan rezzan meldan canan doğan adnan reyhan ceylan destan sinan – and perihan

how quiet it is
to be here within

I mean to be on the desert’s edge
– island-maker – under
the water – small uprooted –
            of the miniature brushless  _ a h n s

            – patter like the patter of raw empire youth
            adding day to day to see a dog become a man
            how he is made sensitive by eons – growing
            centuries of ions through his one snaggletooth –

the center of this structure absorbs the light of day.
the investigating hound proceeds along its edges.
he follows seven sounds – seven hills – each dog
is then replaced by whatever beast it enters

            –open your mouth to say _ a h n –  open
            your mouth to say _ are we  – open your mouth
            to say _ are we

they withdraw into the snows.

no mud nor wounds
were on them now.

            ultra-quiet and quite
            submersible – but the _ a h n s
            but the _ a h n s

this does rework the building so – creates
an active – coastal drone. sleep – so​l​é solva.
sleep – so​l​é spin. the cough of her fur – brought
in slowly from the edge of the shore
– giving sharper teeth to their pounding feet –
depth to the shape of a man
in his _ a h n


to her last cooling cry –