Violet-breasted robins drew
the earthworms from mauve dirt.
I was watching from above,
as from the canopy of trees you’d built
because I’d said we should unplug.
It was ambiguously evening.
You’d forgot to program in the shadows
and I wasn’t going to point it out—
like most people you tended
to create flora and fauna
that accorded with the old laws
of physics. At least, visually.
A salmon swan sat catatonic on water.
Watched myself begin to kiss you
on the mouth. But this was impossible—
You cocked your head like a retro android.
Pressing F we began to fly
like some darning-needle pair
clumsily joined. I had one eye on my radar.
I changed both our clothes midair.
Arranging curves and planes,
colors with the names of fruits
(lime, tangerine, olive)
to lodge desire in the body
like the way it used to feel
digesting food.
Where were you taking me?
The simulated wind made everyone
a little pixilated. It could be beautiful.
Strangers appeared
points of light on a map
as the patchwork dream rezzed into focus beneath.