My eyes are inside that everyday
My eyes are inside that meaningless existence of the radiant sphere
My eyes clearly shine upon the small kitchen
My eyes upon the objects of the small kitchen
Start to stare with loving affection.
How inside that straight line, also inside that shallow carving
Heaped high on the crest of the mud
Meaning, in the single matrimony vine, kitchen knife
The mean crop of peas
Sweet ripe tomatoes
Particles of roses projecting out of the basket
Two, three potatoes rolling around the soil
And in the fiercely meandering glow of a strange gas
Or above a sooted shelf
The empty decanter pouring suspicious violet shadows—
Hidden is the most exquisite human wisdom!
Doing splendid service is the most exquisite human wisdom!
From every nook and cranny, the primitive experience pleasingly dances upon us.
This is the truth of human records,
This is the testimony of persistent human perseverance,
And the chef stands in that glorious room
Masterfully controlling his two hands
As he conducts an orchestra of this grand history.
Inside the white torch, inside the cooking furnace
Below the shining electric light,
The chef conducts these with tremendous skill.
The chef licks his extravagant mouth
Adding flavors above this totality of enlightenment.
Adding tremendously delicious flavors.