We are made of everything

The ocean is the same color

it always was

I want to wear pants

that deliver my ass to you,

a berry

from god's sticky bush

What hurts is a lie

Broken shell stuck in sand

looks like a bird wing

If I die without you

there's a pattern

I want to come down over you

an ocean

A couple walks by with a comprised

stride and color palette

They have

sunglasses but she wants

to kiss me at the foam

edge, to swirl our seaweed

How did we get so free

Salt in my ear,

fat sea bee

licks my arm,

crow on a shit-covered

rock, it's so

sexy, pure love's wide


When I am supposed to be meditating

I put on lipstick and think

about your neck

Starfish are unable to regenerate their arms

In line for the ferry we put our seats back

When you get into the middle

of a body

of water

god makes it okay

to love who you love

All that sloshing matter

baby your eyes